1. What is Speak & Sing?
Speak & Sing is a new revolutionary method for vocal training guaranteed to expand students’ vocal range, better their voice position and technique for Greek songs. This is the only Greek vocal training method covering analytically all different types of Greek Music (i.e. laika, rebetika, nisiotika, dimotika, pop, rock, moderna, entehna) .

2. How can I enroll for the training courses?
Simply by contacting us either by email or phone +61 430 337 444. Please check the schedule for relevant dates.

3. What is the duration of the courses?
The course is covered through a 3 month period for each of the three levels. Every level has 12 lessons with 55 min session every week.

4. Are all classes necessary?
The first level is necessary for everyone (beginners and professional singers) and will teach you the necessary techniques to use your voice correctly. Do not forget that that singing is an extension of speech!
For more in depth knowledge and techniques of the Greek singing styles level 2 and level 3 courses are recommended. The level 2 and 3 course include professional recording sessions.

5. Is there any age limit?
Currently you will be need to be at least 6 years old of age (after audition).

6. Do I need to purchase the Vocal Training Program in order to attend classes?
It is not necessary to purchase the method. The material covered in the courses will cover all the method.

7. How can I find my way around the Speak & Sing website?
All main sections of our website appear on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

8. Need more help?
Please contact drimousis@gmail.com or 0430 337 444 for support.